The aim of the study programme is as follows: cultivation of abilities to work on an artistic solution creatively, scientifically and theoretically. During the work on an artistic solution students show independence, self-activity, mastering the methodology of research, scientific and artistic work, as well as the ability to apply the given subject creatively. The study plan consists of mandatory and optional subjects. The study has the form of lectures, seminars and consultations. Doctoral students take an active part in pedagogical, research and artistic activities. They are prepared for the career of a professional in the area of contemporary fine arts and their administration with the focus on the use of urbanistic and public place.
The faculty´s objective is to educate professionals who will be able to work independently in the area of their own creation. During the studies, the emphasis is put on the development of students´ theoretic reflection, on practical programme of the chosen subject, as well as on ethical aspects of their professional activities. The graduates will be able to participate in the support of theoretic, practical and systematic support of what is usually called "living art".

Graduates should be theoretically qualified professionals who will be able to assert themselves in the widest scale of fine artistic areas and arts administration.
The subject of study will prepare the students for their involvement in the arts administration in the public space. The students should assert themselves as independent creators, teachers, managers and executives in the area of management of galleries, museums andf foundations. They will be able to manage theoretic and practical seminars, organize their own exhibitions, implement artistic projects in European and global context. They will be ready to participate in humanisation of the environment in the Czech Republic as well as abroad.

Doctoral students actively participate in activities of their studio. Their pedagogical work starts in the second year. The aspect of research is involved in their theoretic diploma project. The artistic activities are developed during the whole study.

Doctoral studies are completed with the state doctoral exam in art theory, as well as with the defence of a dissertation project. The dissertation project in the study programme "Fine Arts" is defined as a public presentation of a completed art work, project, action, exhibition, symposium etc., extended by a defence in the form of a theoretic treatise on the chosen topic.

Doctoral students follows their individual study plans:
- mandatory consultations of their doctoral projects and evaluation of their continuous solutions
- mandatory lecture courses completed with exams
- optional lecture courses completed with exams
- during the studies, students have to pass at least four exams every year
- they have to pass an exam in one non-Slavic language in whichever year of their studies
Doctoral students are obliged to take part in a pedagogical process whose extent is given by an approved faculty instruction.

Admission requirements:
- successful graduation in the master´s study programme in the area of art, humanities or technology
- very good or excellent diploma thesis
Successful passing of entrance proceedings where the candidates demonstrate:
- interest in scientific research and good professional qualifications
- ability to study at least in one world language, ability to work with professional literature
- ability to reflect the given issue theoretically (especially contemporary art)
- excellent skills of expression and formulation

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