Master´s Degree Studies in English won´t be open in the academic year 2016/2017.

MA students are able to submit, defend, and fulfill the master program which also includes a theoretical part.  On the basis of skills in applying received information, students elaborate study topics and find other. The theoretical thesis results in these activies; the MA students usually incorporate their practical studio work into a broader context. In the MA thesis, students will prove the ability to have solo exhibitions and cooperate on artistic and other projects. Students who have not taken an English exam at a B1 (intermediate) level either at the FFA or at another college must attend this course and take the final exam during the MA cycle.

Master course students extend their knowledge in art history and theory and related fields according to the needs of their independent atelier work and the needs of their studies.

Besides working in the specialized departments, Master course students realize educational stays at other schools abroad and in the Czech Republic. They are supposed to pursue independent activities at the artistic scene.

During the first semester, students find the topics both for their theoretical and practical dissertation. During the first and second semester, they attend theoretical subjects. During the third semester, students work on their theoretical thesis which they defend at the end of the semester. In the fourth semester, they work on their practical disertaition, which they defend at the end of the semester.

During their studies, students must take an English exam on an intermediate (B1) level.

Applicants must hold a BA degree and sufficient skills and talent.

The graduates may continue in a doctoral study programme.