The BA course profile consists of mandatory exams and seminars which will provide students with a basic sum of knowledge and skills to find and process information relevant to their field practice. Students will learn to analyze given phenomena and place them into historical and cultural contexts. In their studio practice, students take ownership of their practical and theoretical basics so as to be able work independently in their discipline, make qualified decisions, or transmit them further in their prospective teaching practice. At the end of the course, BA students will have acquired general knowledge of theory and history of art and other relevant disciplines. They will be able to conduct independent research on given topics. BA students acquire practical skills primarily in department assignments, in activities and events organized by their department, and they are also given the possibility to try other artistic disciplines by attending another department during one or more semesters. Students are also encouraged to attend study exchanges both abroad and in the Czech Republic.
During the BA course, students attend English courses for two years and are obliged to take an exam at the Intermediate level (B1]. It is desirable that students have already at least pre-intermediate language skills as the courses at FFA are opened at this level and higher.
The State Exam consists of two parts. In their practical thesis, students submit an artistic or design project. The theoretical part (oral exam from the history or art) tests the students' knowledge and their ability to work with it synthetically.

Bachelor course students are equipped with general knowledge of art history and theory and related fields, and with knowledge necessary for work specific to their ateliers. They are able to search for further information purposefully and work with it.

Bachelor course students acquire practical experience mainly during their atelier work and during the events and activities organized by their ateliers. They can acquire experience on temporary stays in other ateliers within the faculty. They can also realize educational stays at other schools abroad or in the Czech Republic.

During the first two semesters, students get accustomed with the faculty environment and find the possiblities of using its potential. They learn the basic of both the practical and theoretical skills.
In the following four semesters, students fullfill assignments both on the level of the studio (department) and within individual courses.
In the final two semesters they seek and finalize  the topic for their final BA art project. They take the State Exam from the History of Art atthe end of the fifth semester.

Any time during their studies, students must take an English exam at B1 level.

Admission requirements: Students must have a High School Certificate and relevant skills, talent, and knowledge.

Students can study further in the MA program provided by the FFA or any other art academy or faculty.