Mgr. Pavla Kosař - The Appraisal of Fine and Decorative Art on the Secondary Market

The dissertation project deals with methods of art pricing on the secondary market. More specifically, the main research is: What factors determine the price of art on the secondary market? Preliminarily, the relevant factors may include motivation of selling a given piece of art and the venue where it is being sold; provenance of this piece of art, its condition and possible damages; and other specific factors such as the blockage discount or potential legal issues (such as the looted art or restitution challenges). The project builds heavily on the v Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) developed in the United States. Its aim is to analyze the present state of art pricing in the Czech Republic, explore to what extent the USPAP is transferrable to the Czech context, and suggest new pricing methods for the Czech art market.

Published: 0015-03-20 17:09

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