MgA. Natalie Chalcarzová - New Technologies in Figural Sculpture Education

The dissertation examines the impact of advanced technology development on education and figural sculpture practice - one of oldest art specialization. Digital technology processing digital shapes represents a new development which has affectd the field of sculpture for about ten years. Figural sculpture is a very demanding craft and contemporary technologies have a significant influence on this area.

The work maps interpenetration of traditional and new techniques and technologies and their effect on artistic practices. This is the main topic of my comparative study exploring artworks of Czech and American students participating in the international project called Digital Exchange. Czech students have been taught in traditional figural sculpture studies while American students have not.

Studio Sculpture 1 has the first workplace focused on digital sculpting in Czech Republic. This approach is very progressive in university art curriculum. At the same time, it is one of the last studios with a traditional figural sculpting program. The education model in Studio of Sculpture 1 at the FFA is exceptional and students’ successes and graduates’ art and their work experience speak for themselves.

Published: 0015-03-20 17:09

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