MgA. Klára Hosnedlová - Adolf Loos’s Swatch: Textiles – An Indispensable Part of the Interior

The project focuses on mapping textiles used by Adolf Loos in architectural realizations in both Bohemia and abroad and subsequent employment of the thus acquired knowledge in the original creative work. The project will also involve an overview of different types of textiles replacing the original ones in the reconstructed Loos’ buildings together with their evaluation as to their fidelity to the original textiles. Consequently, there will be created a sample book of textiles used by Adolf Loos that have not yet been investigated in a greater detail by any study. Theoretical work will be joined with practical implementation, focusing on the permeation of a freestanding installation with Loos’s interiors composed for life. In practical realization, the originally private residential premises of the apartment belonging to Oskar and Jana Semler will then become a place exhibiting pieces of art: textile objects and embroidery; their figural themes are to be photographed in the same environment where exhibited. Mutual influence of the original Loos’ interior and my creative work representing contemporary art hosted by the interior will get interlocked. At the same time, the theme of the embroidery pieces will partly depict these interior premises.

The link between my creations and the interior of the Semlers’ apartment is an imaginary inhabitant, whom I place in the space of the flat. This inhabitant is observed through a camera and captured in intimate situations of dwelling in the space. Photographs created in cooperation with Lucie Sceranková will focus on Loos’ sense of color combinations of wood, stone and textiles and they are then transferred in the form of embroidery into the final work, which will eventually be installed in those areas where its model (a photograph of the new fictitious inhabitant) originated. Photographing the thus installed exposition will enclose the whole cycle. The photographs will constitute a final step in making a cycle incorporating the image and the reaction to it. I intend to enter the interior as a work of art by my own work of art and thus open a possibility for new relations through mutual influence. I am the audience of the interior and, at the same time, its follower.

Published: 0015-03-20 17:09

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