Organization of Studies

Students at the Faculty of Fine Arts (FFA) of Brno University of Technology can select from 16 studios that cover seven fields of study (painting, sculpture, graphics, graphic design, industrial design, conceptual trends, video-multimedia-performance, photography). Any student (full-time or exchange student, Czech-speaking or English-speaking) joins one studio and does most of his/her work and study in the course called “Studio”.

For this “Studio” course, the student gets 30 ECTS credits per year, having passed a “studio exam” at the end of each semester, i. e. two exams per year. This exam consists in a presentation of a final semester project before a committee, sometimes including presentation of works created during the whole semester. Besides this course, a Czech-speaking student attends 5 - 8 other courses for which he/she gets 2 - 5 credits per semester per each course. During four years of the bachelor studies each student has to get at least 240 credits in total and during two years of master studies at least 120 credits, therefore the optimum number of credits per year is 60. All the courses are taught in Czech.

What do the English-speaking exchange students do? They join a studio and work under the supervison of the head of the studio. Most of the head teachers (or their assistants) speak English and the way of teaching is based on individual tuition and consultations. This work qualifies as attending the course “Studio”. If they want to get credits for this work, they must stay till the week when the final semester projects are evaluated ("studio exam"). Thus they can be awarded 15 ECTS credits at the end of the semester and an ECTS grade (A to F).

English-speaking students can also attend other courses but the offer is limited. For these minor courses they can receive 5 credits per each course. Students who need to get more than 15 ECTS credits during their one semester of study at the FFA should look up courses here and write  to external(at)  for confirmation of the selected courses before they complete their Learning Agreement.


Published: 2006-03-02

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