Application Process

The first step is to send me your portfolio in electronical way (pdf format) and write me which studio do you prefer for your studies. On the basis of your portfolio will be decided about your acceptance to the selected studio.

Please send me the Application with the portfolio, too.

Please send me the application and the portfolio before 31 May / 15 November for the winter/summer semester via electronical way to:

We are able to accept you only for one semester. Please choose only one semester when you would like to come.

After confirmation the acceptance to the chosen studio we will solve your Learning Agreement with the courses you would like to study here.

Before completing the Learning Agreement, read the text Organization of Studies and select from the list of courses.

Please enclose your photo and a copy of your ID card or passport.
Student can select one studio only and 30 credits in maximum!!!!

All needed information you can find here, please read them:
Further useful information you can find here:

Published: 2014-01-02

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