Studio of Sculpture 2

“SCULPTURE – SPACE – INSTALLATION” (Contemporary sculpture does not have to be understood in the traditional sense. Sculpture can be looked upon as space, space within space, a site/situation/moment-specific installation; it can also be a particular place.)

The curriculum focuses on independent work processes, stressing the development of the free thought of each individual. Students are lead to search for the reasons of their artistic creation within  - not outside -  themselves; we consider this to be the source of the healthy development of each personality.

Students are also encouraged to be interested both in Czech and international contemporary art. Natural doubts about the student’s work constitute an inseparable part of the searching for the self. The aim of the studies is not a manufacture of already-mature artists or of unreflecting craftsmen. 





Presentation of the Studio

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Rybářská 125/13/15, Brno

room no. 127
(+420) 541 11 6807