Studio of Sculpture 1

Curricular focus of the department

In the first two years, the studio curriculum emphasizes the teaching of proportions, anatomy, and portrait features of human figure. In the following years of BA studies, students work on tasks chosen by themselves; they continuously consult the head of the  department and the assistant on their work. Emphasis is put on the result rather than the process. During studies, each student must take part at least once in an intradepartmental competition in placing a specific type of sculpture in a specific site. Since the department focuses on the interconnection of the newest 3D technologies with traditional ones, all students must attend a 3D modeling course and acquire knowledge of 3D scanning and printing. In the follow-up MA program, emphasis is put mainly on the personal artistic development of the students.

Applicant requirements

Applicants should master advanced levels of drawing and modeling. It is important that they are able to draw the human figure, taking into account correct anatomy and proportions. The ability to execute a portrait drawing and modeled portrait studies is also essential. Equally important are the applicant’s independent artworks (documented photographically). Tutorials with the head of the department and the assistant are possible after having been arranged in advance.





Presentation of the Studio

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Rybářská 125/13/15, Brno

room no. 127
(+420) 541 11 6807