Studio of Painting 2

The most important task of an art college is creating a functional platform for studies and communication. The most important task of a teacher is to form from a student a self-conscious, well-educated individual finally surpassing the qualities of the teacher. Making art is a way of perceiving and viewing the world, irrespective of the particular medium. During the long development of artistic disciplines, people have appropriated a great number of techniques mediating the transfer of the existing world into an artificial form of a flat image. Hence it is desirable to employ this wide scale freely and not limit the student in their broadmindedness; students should use both classical artistic methods or means and new technologies, such as computer programs, mobile phones, or cameras whose output is a 2D image again. Finding uncommon specific means and forms for the description of our surrounding world as well as finding one’s own position and place in the art world represent the cornerstones of the curriculum. The studies do not end by successfully obtaining a bunch of degrees and fulfilling all the requirements; first and foremost, art is a way of life for which you adopt the habits and principles at the art college, which will accompany you the rest of your life.





Presentation of the Studio

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Rybářská 125/13/15, Brno

room no. 409 - kabinet
(+420) 541 11 6817

room no. 207 - ateliér 1
(+420) 541 11 6822

room no. 209 - ateliér 2