Studio of Multimedia

Our department is a place for meeting, work, personal experiments, and research, for our doubts and hopes, a place for our visions and dreams, our fancies and utopias, desires and illusions, arguments and discussions, joys and disappointments… all these factors are reflected in our work.

The media of our time constitute our material and through them we make statements about these times. Digital media and new technologies have changed our world in all aspects of life. They have changed our society and thinking and will change it even further. Our goal is to foster new, better, and more human ways of technology use compared to those with which our world is flooded by the commercial media of the consumerist world. We have the means and opportunities to actively participate on the face of our future





Presentation of the Studio

St 12:00 - 16:00, po dohodě


Údolní 495/19, Brno

room no. 411
(+420) 541 11 6518

room no. 412
(+420) 541 11 6516

room no. 404

room no. 403