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The Environment Studio is one of several intermedia and interdisciplinary focused studios at FaVU. As its title indicates, there is an emphasis on the relationship between art and the environment. Environment is considered here, in the broadest sense of the term, as that which surrounds us, what it is we have in common. We emphasize that art does not come into being in a vacuum, but in specific spatial, social, political, and cultural contexts (among others). We pay attention to a wide range of individual starting points, approaches, and media. We are open to intuitive as well as conceptual approaches. We draw from the tradition of conceptualism, land art, and site-specific art, rather than from classic art disciplines. This does not mean to imply that Environment Studio students do not use painting, drawing, or photography as a medium. On the contrary, but the choice of medium here is based on the issues at hand and individual inclinations rather than being a given professionaly.

The programme of study is carried out through work on mutual and individual projects. One key part is the critical reading of literature and texts connected with the programme of the Studio and with individual work. A parallel programme maps various locally specific problems and issues relating to creative methods, media and generally with production and presentation of contemporary art. At the same time, the events of the day in a wider contemporary art and cultural context both in the Czech Republic and internationally. This is accompanied by talks and get-togethers organised by the Studio, and externally. All components are reflected upon during common and individual consultations and serve to create a critical discourse.

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