Studio of Drawing and Printmaking

The department – the team*/ We do not kill individualism in students but learn to listen, take part in discussion, accept and develop ideas, and hand over our knowledge to others instead. The character of a team is not manifested only in the atmosphere of mutual cooperation and help which characterizes the department, but also in bringing order to chaos.

Round table/The department organizes regular internal discussion forums aimed not only at artistic or school topics. Getting to know each other on a personal basis, opinion overlaps and exchanges represent the essential condition for working in our department. Students here live a voluntary life on an autonomous ground with its own rules.

Open Studio/The form of an open studio as an opportunity to look into current events is a semester-long event open to public. Students exhibit, discuss, and present their new work. They communicate actively with representatives of both professional and lay public. Open Studio represents a format which provides the opportunity to other students and the public to watch the art process in the department.

Working, Creating/Regularity, continual communication and tutorials demand all one’s creative strength. Work in a studio is not a holiday trip but a creative dictatorship. However, we do not only stay locked in the studio: on the contrary, we take excursions both to our near and far surroundings in order to multiply our creative process.

No Border/The curriculum is based on drawing and printmaking which it picks up, develops, and transfers into other media.  We are not dogmatically conservative; we do not think or make art within set limits.

Exhibition Book Project/Qualitatively ambitious projects of our students are not left unnoticed. We support the possibilities of their presentation in the forms of exhibitions, not exclusively on the ground of the FFA. Publishing the results of studio work in the form of simple microcatalogs, including theoretical texts, is directly connected with the quality of the artworks created.

Exchange residency/We fully support the students in art exchanges, their travels, and in studying in a foreign environment. We inform them about the unlimited possibilities existing at the international level. We do not confine the young artist within the limits of national borders. We stress the importance of the students’ language abilities, the preparation of their portfolio, and the verbalizing of their own artistic statement. During the whole period of studies, we organize trips to close art cities (Berlin, Vienna, Budapest…) Current exhibitions and visits to the centers of art, independent cultural platforms and studios aim to open horizons and encourage students in thinking about the present and the future.

Authority student/The relatively small age difference between the teacher and the student might prevent the conflicts in transferring information and opinion exchange. My own experience as an active artist, a nomad, and an activist with a wide European scope of activities in the art world might be in many respects a source of inspiration or a manual for the beginning artist. Language ability, which must be the natural part of education, was also in my case an important tool for the further distribution of my work. Artistic residencies and living in a different cultural environment was and is especially beneficial for the artists’ horizons. I find it important and sensible to further distribute my personal experience, knowledge, and contacts.





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