Studio of Body Design

The curriculum stresses an intermedia approach and the human body stands at the center of our attention. We study it in all possible planes: as the body of one’s own (anatomical, physical, mental, and spiritual), the social body (social roles, issues of the family or relationships), and the political body (a focus on wider social and political concepts which can be connected to structures outside art).

The department refers both by its name and content historically to the change of art paradigm in the 1960s (when the body in art became the artist’s own body as well) and also to the emancipation movement (when the body with its color, shape, and sex became perceived as a sign which takes on social and political meanings).

We stress the conceptual approach to art, which is nevertheless parallel in our curriculum with craft and technological preparations. Body art and performance, photography, video and its digital postproduction, installation, and events in everyday environment stand at the center of our attention as far as the techniques and approaches we employ are concerned.

Cooperation with subjectsoutside art” active in other spheres of human activities (social research, social, and human rights) is crucial for our work. 





Presentation of the Studio

Po 13:00 – 16:00


Rybářská 125/13/15, Brno

room no. 212
(+420) 541 11 6524