Supporting Studio of Paper and Books

Head: doc. MVDr. Jiří Hynek Kocman

Building: Rybářská

The Supporting Studio of Paper and Book originated from a former Studio of Paper and Book, established on the FFA in 1998. The impetus for the establishment of the studio was the fact that paper and books have been looked upon as independent categories of art in the last thirty years. The Studio of Paper and Book was conceived as an interdisciplinary platform where the “paper category” and the “book category” were understood as widely perceived “artistic media”, rather than on a utilitarian basis (i.e. not as a mere support or material on which higher artistic genres are defined). This conception is related to transforming artisanal/technological and design points of departure to the sphere of conceptual art. The Supporting Studio of Paper and Book follows in its conception the Studio of Paper and Book by providing lectures, seminars, workshops, and excursions. We provide the following courses: Discipline - Paper, Discipline - Book, Medium Paper, Medium Book, Paper and Book – Technologies, and Conceptual Propedeutics.