Supporting Studio of Figure Drawing

Head: Mgr. et MgA. Ján Lastomirský

Building: Údolní

Drawing the nude, which is the main content of drawing lessons, belongs to traditional study disciplines at fine art schools. The course leads students to the successful and efficient mastering of figurative drawing, which constitutes one part of the profile of an art graduate. The course focuses on the human figure, its construction, proportions, anthropometry, anatomy, physiology, and expression. Students acquire the information about the human body through a variety of drawing techniques which at the same time develop their mental skills and capabilities. Representing the figure as a three-dimensional phenomenon onto a two-dimensional surface enhances analytical skills as well.  Drawing from the model – the nude, in our case – requires patience on the students’ part during long, concentrated periods of observation. The aim of the course is also drawing in itself, its improvement and the cultivation of expression through drawing.

In the classes, students are also led to make expressive drawings – not just studies faithful to reality. After acquiring the skills of realistic drawing, students are lead to “interpret” the nude according to their temperament or “feeling.” Such a subjective way of drawing – based, however, on the knowledge of the rational basis – can lead to remarkable results: to individual style and originality of the drawing expression.

Nevertheless, a “personal” drawing style is not intended to be the sole aim of the course. Rather, we want students to acquire self-confidence in drawing, which in itself consequently brings alongside the personal style as the manifestation of personal expression and temperament at the same time.

Students of the course must have a general knowledge in the basic terminology of human anatomy, morphology, and anthropology, linear and aerial perspective. They are also expected to respond to references from art history.