Studio digitálního sochařství a nových médií
CZ.1.07/2.2.00/28.0278, OPVK

Supporting Studio of Audio–Video

doc. MgA. Filip Cenek

MgA. Tomáš Hrůza
MgA. Jiří Suchánek

Údolní 19, Brno

The Supporting Studio of Audio-Video guarantees the audiovisual literacy of students. In addition to providing courses on audio-visual processing skills taught for all FFA students, our studio is also a working station used by the main FFA studios on an intradepartmental basis. We provide tutorials to students in video, sound, and interactive projects processing, plus we annually present our work to the public by composing a series of videos, films, and animations which have been created at the FFA since its establishment in 1993. Our studio has participated technologically and dramaturgically on many projects of the contemporary Czech art scene. Thanks to project grants, the Supporting Studio of Audio-Video has built, together with The Studio of Video and the Studio of Multimedia, a professional recording studio; the video studio has been also upgraded.