Milan Houser (7. děkan FaVU)
Milan Houser

The Department of Theory and History of Art

The Department of Theory and History of Art is responsible for theoretical courses taught at the FFA. We regard theoretical competence as being an integral part of university-educated artists’ qualification. Theory courses thus represent an equal counterpart to the practice-based studio courses. Our department emphasizes active acquisition and cultivation of knowledge and academic skills and on providing our graduates with versatile skills applicable to their art practice.

Our department provides courses in the following four areas:

  1. Art history
  2. Art theory (including other humanities, such as basics of philosophy, aesthetics, etc…)
  3. English as a Practical Language courses
  4. Courses in general academic skills

Our department also participates on the entrance and final exam processes in all study programs, from BA to PhD., helps organizing and scheduling courses for the whole faculty and fulfills other tasks. Apart from full-time academic staff, we also invite external lecturers from other art colleges and institutions or from the FFA studios. 

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