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Programmes and Structure

Fulltime courses are offered which lead to Bachelor’s degree (8 semesters, only in the Czech language) or Master’s degree (4 semesters following the bachelor study, in both Czech and English languages) in the following fields of study:

  • Sculpture
  • Painting
  • Graphics
  • Graphic Design
  • Industrial Design
  • Conceptual Trends
  • Video-Multimedia-Performance

doctoral program is offered in the field of Public Art and Art Management (only in the Czech language).

Structure of the Faculty of Fine Arts

The Faculty consists of the following studios:

Field of Study: Sculpture

  • Studio of Sculpture 1 - focused on classic disciplines, such as portrait, figure, relief, petite and monumental sculpture, using not only traditional materials.
  • Studio of Sculpture 2 - the emphasis is laid on how artistic intention can be expressed in sculpture. Relations between statue – space – installation are explored.

Field of Study: Painting

  • Studio of Painting 1 - is concerned with the reflection of traditional painting themes, both figurative and non-figurative, in terms of the context of their contents and from the positions of the present-day discourse of art.
  • Studio of Painting 2 - supports abstract thinking. Emphasis is laid on recording of feeling and thinking.
  • Studio of Painting 3 - takes up both “modernist” and “postmodernist” painting traditions, especially the abstract, lyrical, geometrical and conceptual sources.

Field of Study: Graphics

  • Studio of Drawing and Graphics – explores the wide range of “formal” possibilities of the classical graphical techniques (engraving, etching, screen printing etc.), but also techniques using photography and the latest computer applications.  

Field of Study: Graphic Design

  • Studio of Graphic Design 1 - the programme is based on "open interpretation” - experimentation within the communication possibilities of graphic design in a variety of its specifications. Orientation in DTP, ability to work with new media, interest in typography - these are expected in students wanting to join the atelier.
  • Studio of Graphic Design 2 -  the programme is focused on understanding the role of graphic design and finding each student's own original language. The aim of the studio is teaching how to compile information and how to combine theoretical background with practical knowledge in graphic design.

Field of Study: Industrial Design

  • Studio of Product Design - emphasis is placed on grasping the process of design as an intellectual activity in the rational and analytical sense as well as the emotional and artistic sense.
  • Studio of Body Design - investigates relation of the body as a medium of communication, and its interaction with space, place and time.

Field of Study: Conceptual Trends

  • Studio of Intermedia – gives priority to medial work, to understanding a picture as context and unit.
  • Studio of Environment – studies forms through which works of art enter environment and the influence of environment on the language of art.

Field of Study: Video – Multimedia - Performance

  • Studio of Video – concentrates on recording, handling, transmission and storage of visual material in electronic way, while visual information is presented by various methods (from TV through 3D projection to video-sculptures).
  • Studio of Multimedia – exploits the latest telecommunication systems, robotics, computers, etc., to achieve new expression. It is presented in the form of interactive installation.
  • Studio of Performance  - performance is the most expressive medium of contemporary action art. Continues in the tradition of happenings and events. The aim is to develop creativity in interacting with reality.

Complement for the studio study are lectures in the field of art historyaestheticsphilosophy, and a number of optional courses to the needs of the individual studios.

Technological tasks of the faculty are provided by four cabinets: evening drawings, photography, information technology, and video.