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The tradition of art education at Brno University of Technology dates back to 1899 when the Institute of Drawing was established at the Faculty of Construction of the University. In the 1930s it changed to the Drawing and Modelling Institute. The post-war period meant a new tradition. In the 1940s, Vincenc Makovský, the well-known Czech sculptor, became a regular university professor and built up an institute that is the Faculty of Fine Arts today.

The early 1990s have offered new perspectives to the school, as the sculptor Vladimír Preclík became the head of the Institute of Fine Arts. The establishment of the Faculty of Fine Arts was approved by the Ministry of Education, and the Faculty was opened in January 1993. The Faculty of Fine Arts is one of only several academic institutions in the Czech Republic where young people can be educated in fine arts. 
The Faculty began to build its profile, linking up the rather traditional teaching in conventional studios with adequate forms of teaching in modern artistic disciplines. The Faculty of Fine Arts is relatively small and the teaching is mainly individual; every student is being trained as an individual in a different way.